Video Conference Therapy

***Limited Time Promotional Offer***

We have been getting such positive feedback about the quality and accessibility of our online sessions from clients who are using these that we want to open this up to more people…

We are confident that you will find video sessions as fantastic as we do, but we know it can be a little difficult to imagine how these can work… so to help get you started we are offering the first session at a reduced rate of £40 for a limited time only. If it’s not for you after that there is no obligation to continue and we can discuss alternative options for sessions.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we can guide you through how it works and what to expect, setting up your first online secure video appointment if you want to go ahead with the trial offer.


We know life can be busy and it can be tricky to attend sessions at times. To help make therapy as accessible as possible we provide Skype style Therapy sessions using a confidential system and from a confidential and quiet base. This means you are no longer limited to accessing therapy in the area you live and can allow you to access high quality CBT sessions from anywhere in the UK. These sessions last 50 minutes, and held on either a weekly basis, or adapted to suit your needs and availability. Skype sessions are charged at £70 per session. We are happy to adapt sessions to be a combination of face to face, Skype or telephone sessions to meet your needs. We can also be flexible with days and times of appointments where availability permits. Please get in touch for more information or to arrange an initial appointment.